Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elle says

Happy New Year!
Where's hat and mittens? (referring to her chef's hat and oven mits).

Elle believes your jammies should be accessorized with skirts and shoes

Helping daddy shop at Macy's for spiffy work clothes

Elle's "hat"
Some of the things Elle says are quite funny especially since she is not even 2 years old and we have some good little conversations sometimes. She remembers words from weeks ago and even the intonation used when she learned the word. 

Examples include: 
Looking at her matching book one of the pages is all about racing vehicles, I pointed to one and she said "MONSTER TRUCK" in her best monster voice. I wasn't there when she learned this one but it stuck with her and she still says MONSTER TRUCK whenever we are matching pictures on that page. 

Yesterday I made myself a latte and we were headed out the door. Elle asked me what I had I said mommy's milk, she replied, "chai tea?" I asked her to repeat it and she said "chai tea", yes I said, it's chai tea although she hasn't heard that phrase since new year's when my mom was here. 

Chad and I were telling Elle that her birthday is next month and she will be two years old. What fun! How exciting! What kind of birthday do you want? we ask, "happy" was Elle's reply. That I think we can do.

Lately I've been coughing alot so Elle says "bless you" in her sweetest voice. (heart melt)

Many conversations usually revolve around, "where did (something) go?" Elle asks, I say "I don't know,"  Elle says, "find 'em?" Then you can hear "hmmpht" as she walks around with her shoulders shrugged and hands in the air. This goes on and on but its super cute and sweet. These somethings often include, daddy, the moon, the sun, the cat that walks through our yard everyday, the deer on the hill where we live, other family members and the list goes on.

Just this morning I asked Elle if she wants cereal. "Kix?" she asks, okay. So I go to the kitchen to get her a bowl, she follows me, "and milk?", yes, milk I say, and "spoon?" she asks. Yes I say and go sit down I'll bring it to you. She turns around, "and napkin?" Okay, napkin too. Geez, talk about quality control, she wasn't so sure I was gonna get it right. Too funny. 

Now, you'll often hear, "okie dokie." She may be spending too much time with me. What a sweet girl.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Keeping our toddler busy

I am learning to love the dollar store. Now that I am working in the schools with preschool and elementary aged children I need to find inexpensive activities to enhance fine/visual motor skills. This also provides an opportunity to find fun things for Elle to do.

I love the window clings and magnets too which happens to be some of Elle's favorites. We have a magnetic whiteboard where she can play with different magnets and also color with whiteboard crayons.

I love pom poms and so does Elle she is finding lots of places to hide them around the house. This was a color sorting activity which she was able to do very easily and soon we will be doing some projects with them using glue and popsicle sticks and tongs for additional fine motor practice. The opportunities are endless.
The foam letter and number puzzle is fun and time consuming to disassemble, one day putting it back together will also be entertaining. Anything for learning and to keep busy.  

Elle's Latest Artwork

Salt dough handprint ornaments
Handprint turkey

Elle has a lot to do during her day in school this includes creating works of art. It is always fun when we go to get her and there is a fun project waiting for us to bring home. It is a shame that we are the only ones who get to see them so I thought I'd share them with friends and family. Take a look, the salt dough handprints were made at home as gifts for grandparents with a little help from mommy.

Whenever we see Elle's art she always says, "I made that!" She is so proud of what she does. She also recognizes her name and can identify the letter E. Pretty cool. Enjoy. I hope to be able to put more fun things in our blog to keep people up to date with our family. Please feel free to comment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Continuing Education

It is on to a new type of adventure for Chad and I. The past year and a half, give or take a month or two have been very busy. I decided to go back to school and get my Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy. Easier said than done, I hold a Communication Studies degree so I had few of the required courses to apply to the program. It was required to have courses in Anatomy , Psychology, Statistics, and the two random courses in Physics and Human Biology among others.

On top of that the application process was challenging. I applied to several schools to increase my chances of acceptance and in order to do so I had to meet the varied criteria for application for seven different programs including separate essays, classes, job shadowing, and volunteering plus reference letters from former employers, OTs, and professors. It was an interesting journey but in the end rewarding as I was accepted to several of the schools. Even though Chad and I were prepared to move as far away as Wyoming to make my new career possible we ended up right where we started and I will be attending the University of Minnesota program.

We are very excited for a few reasons. One, the program is the shortest of all the schools I applied to, I could potentially be working around this time 2014. Two, it starts in September, so I have a few months to catch my breath and work before I dive into the program, most programs started in May and June. Three, the program is a hybrid of online courses and on site training but mostly online which is kind of a nice option. Four, it is my alma mater so I am very excited to continue with the UMN.

I am sure some of you were not sure what I've been doing the past few years and were confused as to what classes I was taking and now it is official that all my hard work and preparation will pay off as I was accepted to the Master's program. Hopefully, this will also explain why in the next two years to come I am not going to be available for trips or anything fun! It will all be worth it in the end, I just know it.