Friday, July 25, 2014

More cute sister outfits and love

Time to debut another sister and outfit photo opp. This time Aunt Sandy is to take credit. The theme is peace,  love and butterflies. Seems logical to me. Elle is  up for any opportunity to hold baby Isla.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frivolous but adorable

It seems as though Aunt LeAnn, Uncle David and Cousin Dulcinea have way too much fun shopping for the little ones. But we really do enjoy the fruits of their labor. This outfit is perfect for the lazy summer afternoon sipping on cocktails with friends by the seaside. Thank you for this adorable ensemble. Check out my beautiful baby.

Summertime and the living is easy.

Isla's Blue Steel...she's still perfecting it. It's hard when you don't yet recognize yourself in the mirror.

The optional light knit sweater is the perfect coverup to shield against those cool ocean breezes.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Elle's first ride

I can hardly believe it but my two year old was tall enough and brave enough to go on a fair ride all by herself. The ride was her and another girl spraying water on a building to"put out a fire". She says it was"washing the hotel". I am so proud and she is very proud of herself. What a fun time at Como Town at the Como Zoo.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elle says

Happy New Year!
Where's hat and mittens? (referring to her chef's hat and oven mits).

Elle believes your jammies should be accessorized with skirts and shoes

Helping daddy shop at Macy's for spiffy work clothes

Elle's "hat"
Some of the things Elle says are quite funny especially since she is not even 2 years old and we have some good little conversations sometimes. She remembers words from weeks ago and even the intonation used when she learned the word. 

Examples include: 
Looking at her matching book one of the pages is all about racing vehicles, I pointed to one and she said "MONSTER TRUCK" in her best monster voice. I wasn't there when she learned this one but it stuck with her and she still says MONSTER TRUCK whenever we are matching pictures on that page. 

Yesterday I made myself a latte and we were headed out the door. Elle asked me what I had I said mommy's milk, she replied, "chai tea?" I asked her to repeat it and she said "chai tea", yes I said, it's chai tea although she hasn't heard that phrase since new year's when my mom was here. 

Chad and I were telling Elle that her birthday is next month and she will be two years old. What fun! How exciting! What kind of birthday do you want? we ask, "happy" was Elle's reply. That I think we can do.

Lately I've been coughing alot so Elle says "bless you" in her sweetest voice. (heart melt)

Many conversations usually revolve around, "where did (something) go?" Elle asks, I say "I don't know,"  Elle says, "find 'em?" Then you can hear "hmmpht" as she walks around with her shoulders shrugged and hands in the air. This goes on and on but its super cute and sweet. These somethings often include, daddy, the moon, the sun, the cat that walks through our yard everyday, the deer on the hill where we live, other family members and the list goes on.

Just this morning I asked Elle if she wants cereal. "Kix?" she asks, okay. So I go to the kitchen to get her a bowl, she follows me, "and milk?", yes, milk I say, and "spoon?" she asks. Yes I say and go sit down I'll bring it to you. She turns around, "and napkin?" Okay, napkin too. Geez, talk about quality control, she wasn't so sure I was gonna get it right. Too funny. 

Now, you'll often hear, "okie dokie." She may be spending too much time with me. What a sweet girl.